The Morning After

the 2016 election

It has been a long road. We have endured much in this 2016 election campaign. I see everything from disgust to elation, from rejoicing to riots in my Facebook feed and on the news on this day after the election. But one thing is for sure, we are all tired.

This 2016 election was painful for very many. It was full of anxiety and passion. And now, we have a new president. Some are happy some are depressed. Some are saying, “He’s not my president.” Some are flying on a cloud. I read one post this morning that simply stated, Can we just stop hating each other now?

Here are some more thoughts. I need to preface them with answering a few questions. Did I vote? Absolutely! Did I think this election was important? Absolutely! Will I tell you how I voted? Nope! Do I think we are to pray for new president. Absolutely!

The Bigger Issue

But I believe that is not the bigger issue. So many of us have been so wrapped up in this election, that we have forgotten, or at least compartmentalized, something really huge — that is that there is another Kingdom. That Kingdom is unseen, eternal, and without error. The King of the Kingdom is always perfect, always in control, and loves without ceasing. No matter how we feel about our earthly president, no matter how much we trust or don’t trust our earthly president, he has failed and will fail us again in some way because his human.

Let me remind you of God’s character. He is perfect, the definition of love, all-powerful, all-knowing, and is everywhere. He is faithful, he is just, he is holy, and he is sacrificial. There is no king or ruler like him and he will never change.

While I will do what I can to love and support my country, I know it is still a temporary kingdom. But God’s kingdom is forever. So what is my first and greater passion? —To be a part, and be a contributing part, of God’s Kingdom.

How to Help Your Kids

I guess we all do that in a different way. But one thing that is really important is to teach our kids about the God of that perfect Kingdom. In that kingdom they will learn that:

  • that Ruler is perfect
  • in that Kingdom they are loved
  • in that Kingdom they are secure
  • in that Kingdom they are forgiven
  • in that Kingdom they have hope
  • that King will never fail them
  • that King will grow them in time

This is my hope and prayer for all kids, as well as all Americans, that they know this King and are part of His kingdom.

So no matter how you feel about the 2016 election, turn your passions, your energy, and even your frustrations to lead your kids into hope… the hope that does not disappoint.


Laurie Donahue is an author and speaker who lives in Southern California. She has written or co-written 6 books for children and teens, including the bestseller, "God Should I Be Baptized?" She holds a California Community College Teaching Credential. Laurie's website is

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