Mr Blue Characters

Mr. Blue and His Friends

“The more you see them and the more you get to know them, the more you love them!”  Each of the characters has his own personality and qualities.

You and your child can play for hours with the characters, role-playing the Mr. Blue story. The brightly colored friends are available for FREE download.

Mr Blue Characters

Scenery for Mr. Blue

There are so many things you can do with this download! Here are a few.

  • Make a mini-theater out of a shoe box for the characters to put on a little show
  • Mount them on popsicle sticks to play with them
  • Cover them with clear packaging tape to make them washable
  • Make a shadow box with the characters and other related items to hand on a child’s wall
  • Make finger puppets by attaching a paper ring so they can be slipped on your fingers

Don’t miss the best part, the wonderful story that goes with this. Do your kid’s compare themselves with others, only to be discouraged? Do your kids know that God has unique purpose for them? Do your kids look for ways to contribute in a meaningful way? If they ever have feelings of inadequacy, then they need Mr. Blue a Job for You. It can be found here.

Now for the FREE STUFF. Request your free download below.

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