Finding Rescue in Discipline

actually, finding rescue everywhere...

Kid’s love the theme of rescue. Have you noticed? Cartoons, movies, video games… We all love stories of rescue… fables of the knight in shining armor, the person who brings gas to us when we run out on the freeway, the person who stands up for us when we are unable to speak for ourselves. Maybe it taps into our inherent need for eternal rescue.




I ran into a friend when I was picking up my granddaughter from her school yesterday. We were talking about the “rescue” theme and she relayed to me a concept that she had adopted with her kids. She described the process of discipline as “rescue.” Through discipline, parents rescue their kids from the imminent dangers of bad behavior. I had not thought of that before. They are rescuing them from the potential physical danger such as getting hit by a car if they play in the street or getting burned if they move too close to a fire. They are rescuing them from emotional danger and guilt if they do something to hurt another person.

But they are not only rescuing them from consequences. When parents discipline, they are also rescuing them from spiritual danger if they are out of alignment with God’s will for them or if they reject God’s authority in their lives. They rescue their children from displeasing God. This rescue has a far more extensive implication.

The message of rescue is an extremely prominent one in the Bible. This message begins in Genesis when God promises that he well send a “Rescuer” in Genesis 3:15. Revelation points to Jesus as the Savior of those that have followed Him. And all the books in between show example after example of how God rescues those He loves. How many examples of rescue can you think of in the Bible?

God is a Rescuer! To know the God of the Bible is to know His rescuing nature. This was ever present in my mind as I wrote: “To the Rescue.” The first words of the book are:

Save, rescue, free
His children big and small.
Worthy words were woven,
Recorded for us all.

The theme of rescue in our world is can be nail-biting, scary and tense. But in the Bible, we see rescue as LOVE “on steroids.” Noah, Jonah, Peter, Shadrack, Meshak, and Abednego are only a few of the people who knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that they had been rescued by God. The rescue that God does for us is unmatched by any of the most exciting movies, television or games. And all of us, who are God’s children, get to participate. When we know the living God, we get to participate in the best rescue of all by the best Rescuer of all!


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Laurie Donahue is an author and speaker who lives in Southern California. She has written or co-written 6 books for children and teens, including the bestseller, "God Should I Be Baptized?" She holds a California Community College Teaching Credential. Laurie's website is

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