Mr Blue Characters Have Different Gifts

Free Download

Mr Blue Characters Have Different Gifts and Personalities

Each of true Mr Blue characters has his or her own personality. They are all gifted differently and you will grow to love them!

I am offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of the colorful characters and a scenery page. There are so many things you can learn about and do with Mr. Blue and his friends. Here are just a few:

  • Make finger puppets to play and role play
  • Make a mini-theater with a shoe box and some cloth
  • Mount the characters on popsicle sticks for play and role play
  • Cover the characters in clear packing tape to keep them clean and protected
  • Make a shadow box of the characters and related items for wall decor
  • Send me your idea of what you did with the Mr Blue characters!

Mr Blue a Job for You

The Mr Blue Characters were born out of a book called Mr. Blue a Job for You. Do your kids ever compare themselves to others and think they are not as good? Do your kids ever feel they have nothing to contribute? Do your kids really know that God has a special purpose for them? The Mr. Blue story will show them the answers to these questions. You can get Mr. Blue here.

Now for the FREE Stuff! Here is your free PDF download of the Mr Blue characters as well a the scenery page. Have fun with it. If you come up with any new ideas, let me know and I will share them here so everyone can try it.

Mr Blue Characters

Click here for PDF of Mr. Blue Characters and Scenery

If you want further description of the Mr Blue message and to get more free bonuses, here is a video that you can watch where I describe my story of why I wrote it. I also offer several free tools with a book purchase that you can use to help you child learn to live out God’s purpose in his life.

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God’s best to you as you strive to help the kids in your life know God’s Purpose!